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Guatemala Surgical Outreach
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Dr.'s Dimmig and Guzman take a break from patient care
to play soccer with the local children.

It has been a tradition at Bend Ophthalmology to travel to Guatemala every few years on a surgical outreach trip to care for patients blinded by cataract and pterygium.

The Hospital de la Familia is run by a non-profit organization out of San Francisco. It is a self-sustaining operation with 60 full-time employees, including 4 doctors, 12 nurses, and a contingent of Guatemalan medical and dental students. The hospital treats about 10,000 patients yearly.

Volunteer U.S. surgical teams perform the bulk of the surgeries 4-6 times a year. We join a surgical team from Bend every few years to provide ophthalmology care. In an average trip we will screen over 600 patients and perform sight-restoring surgery on up to 100 patients.

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Ethiopia Surgical Outreach
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Dr. Dimmig performs a postoperative patient exam.

Dr. Dimmig joined the Himalayan Cataract Project ( in January of 2012 in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The Himalayan Cataract Project funds education of ophthalmic surgeons in Asia and Africa via skills transfer outreach programs. Dr. Dimmig along with Dr. Huck Holz of San Francisco, CA travelled to Arba Minch, Ethiopia to complete the glaucoma and cornea fellowship of Dr. Yewubnesh, a local surgeon in Arba Minch who cares for 3 million Ethiopians. In one week 355 sight-restoring cataract surgeries were performed by the team along with 12 glaucoma surgeries and 6 corneal transplants.

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